Phi Mu Delta

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Phi Mu Delta brothers pledge to maintain the highest level of excellence in their chosen fields.


Phi Mu Delta is part of a greater community and believes in enriching that community through service.


The fraternity offers several programs and scholarships to encourage and assist you with your academic goals.


Our bond of brotherhood extends beyond graduation and grows stronger with age.

Founder's Creed

  • I Believe in Democracy...

    a democracy characterized by the practice of justice in every relation of life. I hold that justic is the foremost principle to be considered in making my decisions as a voting member of Phi Mu Delta, the student body, and as a citizen of the United States. I believe in that broad conception of democracy which seeks freedom of opportunity, and recognizes no color, race, creed, or position.
  • I Believe in Service...

    service to the college; service to every group organized for the common good; service to the individual. I believe in service defined in the terms of voluntary sacrifice for the welfare of those with whom I come in contact.
  • I Believe in Brotherhood...

    brotherhood that reaches beyond the limits of Phi Mu Delta and welcomes every man as my Brother. I believe in the intrinsic worth of the man at my side, and in his ability to make good and justify my faith in him.


  • These fraternity and sorority members are among the most civic-minded people in the city of Troy. They are the kind of neighbors for which any sensible person fervently wishes, joining local community organizations and energetically performing community services. They do as much to bridge the town/gown divide as any students on the Troy campus. For that, I am extremely grateful.
    Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, President of RPI
  • I firmly believe that students who go Greek at Rensselaer have a fuller experience while in college and for the rest of their lives.  With over 26% of the student population in fraternities or sororities, students who go Greek join 2nd homes/families who become their best friends as well as true brothers or sisters well beyond graduation.  Each day I hear from alumni who speak fondly of their days as undergraduates and say that going Greek defined their experiences and helped shape their successful lives.  I wish every student would consider going Greek, as beyond their academic studies, it may be the best benefit available to an RPI student.
    Matt Hunt, Associate Dean of the Greek Life Commons