Each year, Phi Mu Delta does a major project on the fraternity house to improve it. This year, we are looking to fix the major structural issues with the Little House. Due to erosion over time, it is starting to slide down the cliff located directly behind it, AKA The Void. We are seeing cracks in the foundation that need to be corrected before its deterioration forces us to abandon the building.

The Alumni Board has reached out to several contractors and reached the conclusion that we need to install piles more than twenty feet deep into the ground. We also expect to have to stabilize the retaining wall.

We are looking to raise $40,000 for this project. The A-Board would like to start the project early in the summer so it can be completed before the new semester starts.

Much like the last successful fundraiser we ran (for the installation of fiber-optic cable), our brother Tom Walsh is willing to be our patron saint. He has generously agreed to match all donations up to $20,000 to help us meet our goal. I hope that you can give whatever you can to help us save the Little House.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or by phone.

Thank you,
Ian Plaxin

If you would like to donate you can make an online donation:

or please send a check made out to

Nu Theta Alumni Holding Corp
c/o Dave Covino
Dave Covino
21 Hunter Drive
Derry NH 03038