Phi Mu Delta National History

The First Twenty Years…

Phi Mu Delta originally organized a charitable foundation in 1956 with an objective of funding of charitable, scientific, literary and educational projects. Over the years, the Foundation received respectable support from Phi Mu Delta alumni and was mainly able to provide books for chapter libraries and establish modest scholarship funds at various colleges where the fraternity had chapters. The first four students to directly benefit from the efforts of the foundation were Curt Potter, Nu Theta’64, Joe Cahill, Mu Delta’64, Carl Miller, Mu Alpha’65 and Art Urie, Nu Gamma’65 who each received a scholarship through their own institutions, funded by the original Phi Mu Delta Foundation.

For the first dozen years or so years of the Foundation’s existence, diligent and regular fund-raising efforts enabled it to achieve a level where good support of the objectives was possible. However, during the 1970’s, Phi Mu Delta — and most all other national fraternities, large and small – faced a challenging climate which led to the demise of some of our chapters and the ultimate closing of the national headquarters. Then, reserves accumulated in prior years ended up being utilized to merely keep basic fraternity functions in place and the Foundation nearly ceased operations.

Phi Mu Delta Foundation 1980-2000

Over these two decades, limited fund-raising efforts were periodically attempted. Monies raised directly funded academic scholarships, when possible. Results were never able to provide more than two $500 scholarships per year. Some years none were funded. No activity, essentially, occurred on behalf of the Foundation since 1998.

The Phi Mu Delta Educational Foundation, Est. 2002

In 2002, a project was started to identify a way to re-establish a charitable giving and fund-raising program for Phi Mu Delta. Through the efforts of a past national president, Dave Smittle, Mu Beta’84, and members of the national council, various alternatives were considered. Revitalizing the dormant Phi Mu Delta Foundation would have been costly and time consuming. So, it was determined establishing an entirely new program would better meet the needs of the Fraternity at this time.

The creation of a new, Phi Mu Delta Educational Foundation, was begun as part of an already-existing, national inter-fraternal effort known as The Educational Resources Foundation. An existing Internal Revenue Service , 501(c)(3) public foundation , The Educational Resources Foundation was founded to provide tax-deductible giving opportunities for alumni of participating organizations and responsible endowment management with minimal cost.

For Today and the Future: A Firm Foundation, a Bright Future

The Phi Mu Delta Educational Foundation is beginning to make great strides! The remarkable possibilities such a support program has generated for the Nation Fraternity’s initiatives for member education and active engagement has proven to be a worthy cause. Now is the time to build our endowment, support leadership and academic scholarships and ensure that Phi Mu Delta is a positive force well into this century!