Parents FAQ

How will joining Phi Mu Delta impact my son’s academics?
Academics is the primary purpose for attending RPI. We have a minimum GPA to join of 2.2. Members who fall below the 2.2 GPA are required to go on Academic Probation and may not hold officer positions in the chapter. Phi Mu Delta also has a Scholarship Chair and Academic Advisor (Randy McDougal) who oversees the academic program for the chapter and works with individual members to aid in their success.

Isn’t joining a fraternity expensive? What are the financial obligations of membership?
Like any organization, there are financial obligations that each member must take on. Phi Mu Delta believes that we have one of the more agreeable fee structures in the fraternity world. A detailed breakdown of our national fees can be foundĀ here.

Our local chapter dues per semester shown below:
Fees: $500 – Semester dues for all initiated members, which includes all national fees.
Room and Board Charge: $4000 – Semester charge for living in the chapter house, including the meal plan.
We explain to your son how all of these funds are spent but if you have any concerns, please contact the VP of Finance at

What is Phi Mu Delta’s position on hazing?
Phi Mu Delta stands firmly against hazing. It is the antithesis of brotherhood and endangers the safety and welfare of our members. The Fraternity frequently educates its members on hazing, its impact on the Fraternity, and the legal outcomes. Members found to be participating in hazing are dealt with through our judicial system and face expulsion from the Fraternity. If you have any reason to believe that your son is being hazed, please do not hesitate to submit your concern to us and RPI’s Associate Dean of the Greek Life Commons, Matt Hunt.

What kind of time commitment will be expected from my son?
On average, your son will contribute two to four hours per week for meetings activities. If he is an officer, he may expect to spend a few more hours a week on operations and management issues. Like all activities, the secret to success is learning good time-management skills. As always, academics should be the top priority.

What types of opportunities will my son have as a member of Phi Mu Delta?
Membership in Phi Mu Delta will allow your son to network, enhance his leadership skill, support the local community, and participate in a variety of activities designed to enrich his collegiate experience and build life skills. Such activities include:

  • Service projects and philanthropies
  • Serving as an officer or committee chair
  • Organizing events for the campus community
  • Participating in intramural athletics
  • Study skills development
  • Chapter educational programming
  • Attending social mixers

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
We understand that your specific question may not be answered in this FAQ. Please feel free to contact our current president atĀ We also have an open house every Rensselaer Family Weekend where you can meet the brothers and take a tour of the chapter house.